Seller FAQ’S

Here are the most commonly asked questions about selling a house for removal along with our answers. If you have any questions not listed here or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or simply arrange for a free assessment of your home.

For over 40 years we have been buying houses for removal, selling them to new owners, facilitating council approvals and arranging removal to new sites.

Over this period we have developed a strong reputation as the place to go when buying a house for removal, so we have a long list of ready buyers looking for the perfect house or building to suit their particular needs.

You have the house and we have the buyers, so we will enter into an agreement to buy the house from you, subject to us securing one of our buyers for the house, providing there is sufficient time to carry out the approvals and removal process.

We achieve much better prices for our Sellers than is achieved by selling privately.

We save you the need and cost of advertising and showing buyers through your property, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

We are sales professionals, qualified house builders and house relocation experts and we look after the entire sale and removal process so you can rely on us to do a professional on time job.

We look after potential buyers on all aspects of house removal and re-siting including council approval requirements and we price the project for them to remove uncertainty and difficulties for buyers.

We have an optimised targeted database of over 3000 potential removal home buyers whom we direct market your home to. This database is constantly updated and growing all the time. Some of our buyers are repeat customers who buy homes on a regular basis.

We advertise your house at no cost to you in a number of major online listing services, local newspapers and the Courier Mail as well as on our own website.

We have a professional sales system and we package the house along with delivery, restumping and approvals to value-add and make it easier and more attractive for buyers.

There are many things buyers must deal with in order to obtain approval and ultimately have the house moved to their site. This often leads to private sales failing to complete because the buyer is not adequately informed or knowledgeable about the house removal process. Our system has been developed over many years to avoid the potential pitfalls and we assist, educate and qualify our buyers to avoid problems from occurring in the first place.

This has been our speciality now for over 40 years and with our proven system we achieve successful sales and removal of houses within agreed timeframes.

First we need to inspect the house inside and out to determine suitability and viability of the house for removal, and then we can tell you what prices have been paid for similar houses. Prices range from $1,000 up to around $100,000 (with the average price paid about $10,000 to $20,000) and in addition to the money you make from the sale you can expect to save up to another $20,000 in demolition costs. The price is also affected by how much time you can allow the house to remain on site.

The usual time frame for sale and removal is 4 to  6 months. Shorter time frames of around 2 months are possible, however, this will require the house to be sold and then removed to a storage yard pending council approvals. This involves significant extra cost due to double handling and storage so many homes will not be viable for sale in these circumstances. The more time that is available the better, as you will get more for the house if a buyer does not have to pay for double handling via a storage yard. Buyers are also more likely to buy houses where more time is available to get things organised at their end. We recommend if possible allowing up to 6 months to complete sale and removal.

We have a large database of existing removal home buyer clients and investors who we buy houses for and sell to. We list the house on our website with a full set of photos, floor plan and description. We email a brochure of your house to our database of buyers (currently over 3000 registrations and growing). Potential buyers are qualified by our sales team before appointments are made to show them through the house. Our highly optimised website receives more than 16000 visitors a month via major search engines, and marketing programs including newspapers, real estate listing sites, and other advertising services. We keep you informed on inspections, feedback and progress.

We let you know once we have secured the buyer and then we proceed with getting the council approvals, and other things required to enable removal of the house to its new location.

We commit to finding a buyer within 4 weeks of commencing. If we don’t find a buyer within that time you can either cancel our agreement leaving you to do whatever you want with the house or you can extend the agreement for a further period. Remember that we are highly motivated to secure a buyer quickly because if we don’t then all our cost and effort to sell your home is wasted.

No. We buy houses to on-sell to our buyer clients. We enter into a formal agreement with you upfront to buy and remove the house in an agreed time frame for an agreed amount subject to us securing our own buyer within the first 4 weeks. You receive the agreed price from us prior to removal of the house.

The house is packaged along with removal and approval services to make it dead easy for buyers. We take the price we pay you and add to that all the costs of removing it to a new site plus restumping marketing and other associated costs to arrive at a total price for the buyer, delivered and installed on site.

The total cost depends on where the house is being moved to, the transport distance, site and access conditions, the complexity of the move and numerous other things. We prepare quotes for potential buyers once these variables are known.

We don’t charge you any fees or commissions. Our buyers pay our costs in the price they pay us for the house plus removal, approvals, relocation and re-siting costs. See “What am I responsible for in the sale of the house?” below for costs that you may need to allow for.

We will provide you with a free seller checklist detailing what you need to do and how to go about it

You need to apply for and obtain, at your cost, removal/demolition approval from your local council or a private certifier. It costs approximately $800 - $1000. You will need this permit even if you demolish the house instead. We can refer you to a consultant who can do this for you.

We need reasonable access for inspections by potential buyers and professional consultants for drawing up plans etc.

Trees or other obstructions preventing removal of the house will need to be removed at your cost.

Disconnection of existing services to the building including telephone, electricity and gas services will need to be carried out.

There will usually be some stumps and other material left over after removal. We can include the cost of the site clean-up in the price we pay you for the house and we will refer you to contractors who can provide this service for you following removal.

Yes, you can, however, you will need to make sure the house has been vacated and all services disconnected 5 weeks prior to removal of the house.

We need to sell the house first before removing it from the site. Storage sites involve huge operating costs for land and holding of stock and because we no longer operate our own storage facility we can pass our savings onto you in the form of higher purchase prices.

There are storage sites available and we utilise these for our individual buyer clients prepared to buy houses and have them removed and stored pending building approvals for their site. We have a minimum 9-week sell and remove option available for suitable houses if you simply don’t have more time.

Please give us the opportunity to sell your house and recycle it. Remember it costs you nothing more to do so and you will receive the benefit of our 40 years’ plus experience in-house sales and removal.

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