Council Approval

Council approval for a Removal Home can require more work to prepare and lodge than a new home building application. Councils have differing requirements for Removal Home applications and having local and industry knowledge reduces time and complications when applying.

In addition to working drawings prepared by a qualified draftsman, councils will require engineers reports for site and soil, the house structure itself, energy efficiency reports and a number of other specialist reports to be lodged in order to assess the application.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We provide a council approval facilitation service to save you the time and complications of trying to do it yourself. We have expert consultants who prepare the various reports, drawings and engineering required. This service and the fees charged by the council are in addition to the prices quoted.

Some of the things included in this service are:

  • Full working drawings for the house as is
  • Engineers Structural report
  • Energy efficiency report
  • Arranging required inspections for service providers
  • Coordinating the flow of information and documentation to relevant parties
  • Lodgement of documentation to council (council lodgement fees are in addition to the service fee)
  • Follow up with service providers and council on progress of application/approval
  • Feedback to you on progress

For more information on our council approval facilitation service, enquire here.